Our Strengths


On a daily basis, Promesa’s principals utilize a wide range of skill sets to source, underwrite, close and build/manage projects. However, one trait is prevalent in everything that the company does – precision. With backgrounds in statistics and finance, and skill sets refined in institutional settings which emphasized processes and procedures, the company uniquely is equipped to understand the nuances of individual deals, while also keeping sight of the big picture. The result? The company is able to predict outcomes with a high degree of accuracy and it’s this knowledge, applied to real world commercial real estate transactions, that allows Promesa to stand apart from its competition.


Uncertainty in the investment market presents myriad challenges to commercial real estate investment firms and operating partners, but Promesa’s agile nature allows it to avoid most problems versus trying to solve them after the fact. So while other companies tout their problem-solving abilities, Promesa instead chooses to emphasize its problem-avoiding expertise. The company’s principals have transacted billions of dollars of deals for the brand name companies that they’ve worked for previously, and consistently they have delivered outsized returns for those investment firms. What the principals are most proud of, however, is their consistent ability to stay ahead of the curve of certain market trends and in doing so, they repeatedly have identified market opportunities seen by few others.  It’s this agility and repeated success in various ventures – in good times and also when the market was perceived negatively – that best demonstrates the principals’ collective ability to succeed on a consistent basis both within and outside of specific investment niches.


As Promesa executes on the most opportunistic investments in the market today, the company strives to do so by adhering to the highest of standards. A mentor to one of the principals, Ed Kelley, once stated “the great thing about working here (USAA at the time) is that no one will ever question you if you take the high road.” Promesa’s principals believe that Ed Kelley’s comment best encapsulates the high standard that Promesa endeavors to achieve on a daily basis. Furthermore, in addition to being “the right thing to do,” the company also believes that transparency and accountability are the easiest ways for its partners to understand the company’s commitment to excellence as it strives for high returns, but only if those efforts are undertaken with the highest degree of integrity.